Telescoping Multi-Weeder


Great for removing weeds from hard-to-reach places, edging and cleaning walkways and driveways without bending, kneeling or chemicals.

This innovative multi-tool makes it easy to weed, edge or scrape in virtually any tight spot without back strain from bending, sore knees from kneeling or toxic herbicide that can be hazardous to your lawn and your health. A sharp, hooked blade rips weeds out of cracks, cuts into tough soil around walkways for easy edging and makes it easy to pry gum or tar off driveways or sidewalks. A telescoping handle eliminates bending or kneeling, and a D-ring built into the handle offers convenient hanging storage.

  • Ideal for removing weeds from cracks or other tight spots, edging around borders and scraping gum or tar off walkways and driveways
  • Durable stainless-steel blade features a sharpened hook end
  • Blade resists rust for lasting value
  • Telescoping handle makes weeding, scraping and edging without bending or kneeling easy
  • D-ring at the end of the handle offers easy hanging storage
  • Lifetime warranty
Item: 9863

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