PowerGear® Hedge Shears


Let's conduct an experiment. Look at your hand, please. Make a fist, simulating the motion you use when you squeeze the handles on a pair of shears. See how your fingers curl into your palm? Our engineers noticed that movement, too-and crafted these astonishing shears to complement that hand's natural dynamics. Not only are they far friendlier to your body than traditional models, they also magnify your cutting strength. And wonder of wonders, they cut with speed and precision right down to the tips of the precision-ground blades. Even that's not all...

  • PowerGear® mechanism increases leverage to make cutting 3X easier than single pivot shears
  • Recognized as a Arthritis Friendly product by The Arthritis Society
  • Sharp, precision-ground blade edge
  • Fully hardened blade holds sharp edge longer
  • Corrosion resistant, non-stick blade coating reduces friction to make cutting easier
  • Cuts the entire length of the blade
  • FiberComp® handles-reinforced fiberglass composite materials provide strength and durability
  • Shock absorbing bumper for comfort
  • Cutting length-22.9 cm
  • Lifetime warranty
Item: 96776946

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