PowerLever®Hedge Shears (Steel)


Our engineers, bless their pointy heads, love to enthuse about PowerLever's patented four-point pivot design. That's understandable, since the technology is their exclusive brainchild, hatched through painstaking study of body mechanics and perfected in the real world. But what we love is how Power-Lever Hedge Shears make us feel about twice as strong as we actually are, so we can whip that English hedge maze into shape in no time.

  • Power-Lever® mechanism increases leverage to make cutting 2X easier than single pivot shears
  • Gator-Blade® serrated blades grip and hold branches for a clean cut
  • Patented blade design self-sharpens during use
  • Fully hardened steel blades hold sharp edge longer
  • Water-based rust preventative resists corrosion
  • Cushioned grips and shock-absorbing bumper for comfort
  • Durable steel handles
  • Cutting length--25.4 cm
  • Lifetime warranty
Item: 9178

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