Big Grip Multi-purpose Planting Tool


Swashbucklers preferred the side-sword. The swashbuckling gardener's weapon of choice is the Big Grip Multi-Purpose Planting Tool. Four tools in one. Slices through sod, digs out dandelions, carves through bags of soil, transports and transplants. The big grip is sturdy and comfortable, giving you rapier-like control. The heat-treated blade is sturdy enough to withstand a beating. It's the first tool out of the shed and the last to be put away for the next battle.

  • 4 in 1 tool: Trowel, Bag Opener, Weeder, Sod Cutter
  • Serrated edge to cut through roots or other tough material
  • Trowel blade for weeding or planting
  • Sharp heat treated carbon steel blade cuts through the ground easier
  • Coated metal blade resists rust
  • Large hang hole for easy storage
  • Lifetime warranty
Item: 7079

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