Cuts+More™ Scissors

+ How do I sharpen the scissors?
  • Remove the sheath from your Cuts+More™ Scissors
  • Hold the sheath in your left hand with the sharpener slot facing up, the “Fiskars” logo facing toward you
  • Insert your scissors with the ceramic rod between the blades
  • Draw the scissors toward you in a cutting action, applying gentle pressure
  • Repeat three to five times
+ How do I take apart the scissors to use the titanium-coated blade as a knife?
  • Hold the scissors with the “Fiskars” logo facing up
  • Open the scissors as far as they will go
  • Lift the titanium-coated (black) blade straight up, slipping it over the T-shaped hinge to use the blade as a knife
  • To return to “scissors mode,” slide the titanium-coated blade back over the T-shaped hinge and close the scissors